In addition to the factual verification checks we also provide a wide range of public record and database searches to identify any criminal history, regulatory infractions, litigation history, bankruptcy, conflicts of interest and other information. As well as conducting public record searches in Japan and Korea we also provide a full range of international searches covering the other countries that the candidate may have resided or worked in.

  1. Japanese Bankruptcy Search – Searches are conducted to confirm whether the subject has ever been declared bankrupt in Japan.

  2. Japanese Civil Litigation Search – Identify any cases from late 2004 onwards from the Tokyo district court in which the subject has been a party to as either a defendant or a plaintiff. Searches are conducted through our own proprietary database containing over 1 million litigants and is only available to J-Screen clients.

  3. Anti-Social Forces Screening – Identify whether the subject has any known connection to organized crime or anti-social forces in Japan or been involved in criminal activities. Searches are conducted through our own proprietary database and is only available to J-Screen clients.

  4. Criminality Search – Searches are conducted through the Japanese press covering 30 national newspapers and 100’s magazines and periodicals focusing on derogatory articles relating to the candidate. A copy of the original article and English language summary are provided.

  5. International Banned Person and Regulatabase Check – Searches of our in house International Banned Person and Regulatabase database systems encompassing government lists of debarred parties as well as information on regulatory enforcement actions and warning from over thirty regulatory institutions around the world.

  6. Japanese Directorship Search – Identify any undisclosed company interests including directorship which may constitute a conflict of interest with the client.

  7. Japanese Reputation Screening – Research is conducted through the internet and the Japanese black media. Comprehensive research is also conducted via the internet focusing on social network sites, anonymous online forums, Japanese language blogs to identify any negative information relating to the candidate.

  8. Identity documentation/passport checks – confirm the candidate’s identity through passport and identity document verification checks.

  9. International public record searches – A full range of legally obtainable international public record searches are available including criminal, credit, litigation and bankruptcy searches.

All information is ethically obtained, transparent and actionable

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