The Organized Crime and Criminality Search is a three tiered compliance focused solution aimed at screening out Anti-Social Forces from an organization’s business transactions in Japan. The search is broken down into three distinct areas:

Anti Social Forces (ASF) Database

A proprietary database of public and private information relating to individuals and companies involved in criminal activities, organized crime, Right Wing groups, Sokaiya and religious sects. The database is updated daily and covers the following :

  1. Comprehensive daily Japanese news sweep of ASF and criminal activities

  2. Daily collection of criminal cases from Tokyo District court

  3. Monthly bulletin of names of individuals and companies connected to organized crime/sokaiya that have approached private businesses in Osaka and Tokyo. 

  4. Weekly sweep of Japanese investigative black media on cases relating to corruption, criminal and organized crime activities

  5. Details of OC front companies and members leaked onto the internet

  6. Daily sweep of OC related sites detailing activities and members

  7. Details of most active 225 Right Wing Groups and their executives

  8. Details of leading 2,500 religious sects and their executives

  9. Proprietary research identifying ASF related front companies and individuals

Rep Screen Check

Research is conducted through an off-line resource of 58 Japanese limited circulation and non-commercial investigative media including such publications as Asahi Genyo, Shukan Kinyobi, Shukan Jitsuwa, Gekkan Jitsuwa, Zaikai-Tenbo and others. The library resource dates back to post WWII and contains over 5 million articles. Research is also conducted through the Japanese internet focusing on anonymous forums such as 2channel and Japanese language blogs to identify any allegations or suggestions of connections to ASF’s or general criminal activities.

A comprehensive search is conducted using Japan’s largest local language press database covering over 150 newspapers and mass circulation publications to identify any allegations or stories in the press over the last 25 years relating to connections to ASF’s or general criminal activities.

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