In 1999 I came to Japan and set up the first background screening company in Asia. The driving principles behind the business were to provide ethically obtained actionable information, under a transparent pricing structure with a specific client focus. Prior to this the security and investigation industry was very much based around “smoke and mirrors” and the trading of illegal or unethical information. Based on these guiding principles over the next six years I grew the business to become the leading background screening and due diligence company in North Asia servicing 90% of the foreign financial companies operating in Japan and Korea. In 2006 I sold the business to a US company and two years later established J-Screen K.K.

With the establishment of J-Screen we have gone back to our roots of being a client focused business providing ethically obtained, actionable and cost effective information. Due to our efficient business processes as well as our slimmed down management structure we are able to provide comprehensive, speedy, client focused screening reports for our customers at a significantly reduced cost. Being an owner operated business also ensures that our clients have direct access to decision makers when they have an urgent problem requiring action. All of our checks are conducted in-house and we do not outsource to other countries which may not be fully attuned to the cultural sensitivities of doing business in Japan. All these principles combined mean we can provide an efficient, cost effective, client focused, and timely service for our clients.

I look forward to growing the business together in the years ahead.

Yours Faithfully,

Tris Fenwick

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